PPE Dedicated Supply Channel

NHS Trusts

This channel is for Acute, Mental Health, Community, Integrated Care and Ambulance trusts. This new supply channel has taken over the current ‘push’ of core PPE stock to many organisations. To help position PPE stocks with trusts which are currently treating the greatest number of COVID-19 patients, we have also modified our ‘push’ distribution model to provide greater quantities to those regions most affected.

The Daily Delivery Manifest (available as a download) – for ‘push’ of core PPE stock. These manifests are published on this page so that you can see what core PPE products will be delivered to your trust today / tomorrow, by product description and by volume.

Based on customer feedback, there are now fixed delivery days by organisation type so you know on which days you can expect a delivery. These are shown on the table below.

Delivery Days
Organisation TypeMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturdaySunday
Mental HealthYNYYYNN
Social EnterpriseNNYNNNN

Additionally you can log in to view the seven day delivery cycle by trust, click here.

Mapping of Trusts – a weekly report available to help facilitate mutual aid within your STP.

  • A list of trusts that receive PPE ‘push’ pallet deliveries mapped against trusts that do not receive PPE ‘push’ pallet deliveries.
  • If your trust does not receive PPE ‘push’ pallet deliveries, use this report to understand the main trust within your STP that you can approach to facilitate local mutual aid.
  • If your trust does receive PPE ‘push’ pallet deliveries, use this report to understand the trust(s) within your STP that may approach you asking you to facilitate local mutual aid.
  • To access the Mapping of Trusts PPE Report click here to download.

Facilitating STP Mutual Aid Report – a separate report to help you facilitate mutual aid within your STP.

  • Shows core PPE volume delivered, by trust and by product description.
  • Includes PPE delivered by NHS Supply Chain and via PPE ‘push’ deliveries from the pandemic stockpile.
  • Use this report to understand the location and type of core PPE products delivered into your STP.
  • See the COVID-19 information on the NHS Supply Chain website (click here) to access the Facilitating STP Mutual Aid Report..

Customer Services

How they can help you

  • Tell you if you are on the current delivery schedule which has 256 listed organisations
  • If you are on the schedule, tell you what products and in what quantities you are due to receive in the next 24 hours
  • Make changes to delivery addresses
  • Address delivery discrepancies

What they CANNOT do

  • Raise an order– this is a push model only
  • Change your order, either the products or quantities
  • Support emergency requests – please send these to the NSDR team
  • Add new customers or delivery locations

How to use the new channel

We have created a list of frequently asked questions below to help you understand the scope of the new channel and how it will work:
Click here to view the FAQs

Any product queries should be emailed to [email protected]

Product complaints can be submitted here.